All My Relations Elders Program
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This project aims to increase MNSYY participants’ wellness and sense of positive identity through connection to Indigenous culture, spirituality and Indigenous Elders to address the many intergenerational effects of residential schools and colonialism.

The MNSYY Elders program was created in response to community demand in 2014 when we began the Elders program and cultural circles at VNHS. The goal of this program is to directly address culture-identity as a focus in improving the resilience and healing journey.

Mmooooooke Sii Yea Ya (MSNYY) All My Relations Elders

Program Services and Activities

  • One to one visit with an Indigenous Elder
  • Access to healthcare providers
  • Access to Indigenous ceremony – Sweat lodge, Burning ceremony, Seasonal feasts, etc
  • Therapeutic listening
  • Advocacy
  • Referrals to many forms of health and social services – including detox centers, alcohol and drug counselling, and housing support
  • Other services available at VNHS – Cancer Aware program, Positive Outlook program, VNHS Daycares and engaging effectively participant self referrals to the VNHS Medical clinic.

MNSYY Program’s goals

The impacts of colonialization, inter-generational and ongoing traumas have left many with a negative or absent connection to their Indigenous community or cultural identity.
Cultural identity and affiliation have been associated with positive mental health and substance misuse outcomes and the ability to get through life challenges for Indigenous Peoples. MNSYY aims to:

  • Measurably increase our patients’ wellness, resilience and sense of positive identity through the connection to Indigenous culture/spirituality
  • Improve the health of Indigenous peoples, families and communities
  • Address historical trauma and restore Indigenous culture
  • Reconnect to Indigenous culture through relationships with Indigenous Elders and participation in cultural activities
  • Promote health and wellbeing for individuals and their families
  • Strengthen positive Indigenous identity

Cultural Teaching Circles

Building healthy relationships within the community.

The Cultural Teaching Circle is every Thursday from 2- 4pm at VNHS (upstairs). All are welcome and food and refreshments are always provided.

MNSYY Program Cultural activities include:

  • Engaging in seasonal ceremonies; Summer, Spring, Winter and fall ceremony
  • Making of traditional medicine bundle
  • Making tobacco ties for prayers and personal well being
  • Introduction to making jewelry – beading, earrings, bracelets, and feather holders
  • Cedar weaving projects- rosehips pins, headbands and bracelets
  • Holiday crafts – wreaths, bows, medicine wheels and dream catchers
  • Drum making – each participant will take home their drum home
  • Guest Elders to share traditional drum songs
  • Prayer and traditional song teachings
  • Holistic wellness and teachings of the traditional medicine wheel
  • Group outings to seasonal and sweat lodge ceremonies
  • Harvesting and medicine teachings
  • Eating traditional foods


Elder's Program Coordinator
449 East Hasting Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1P5
Telephone: (604) 254-9949 ext. 232
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.