Aboriginal Infant Development Program

The Aboriginal Infant Development Program at The Aboriginal Child & Family Support Services is pleased to Provide the Culturally sensitive/developmental programs for the Aboriginal families who reside only in the Vancouver region and have children aged 0-3 yrs.

The Aboriginal Infant Development Program offers unique programs such as:

  • Further developing your baby’s skills and abilities
  • The Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program
  • The Aboriginal Parent Child Mother Goose Program
  • Ages & Stages Questionnaire
  • Infant Massage

The benefits for parent and child:

  • Get to meet other families in the Vancouver community
  • One to one consultation with the AIDP support worker
  • Home visits
  • Informal assessment of child and family needs that are culturally sensitivity and meaningful
  • Provide positive parent-child relationships
  • Cultural knowledge and activities
  • Provide appropriate referrals when necessary or as requested

Download the complete AIDP Brochure for all details.


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Doreen MacFarlane
Team Leader, Early Childhood Development Team
Aboriginal Child and Family Support Services
717 Princess Avenue Vancouver, BC V6A 3E4 
Phone: 604-602-7558 Ext: 142
Fax: 604-602-7559