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Aboriginal HIPPY Canada


It takes $300 to enroll 1 family into the Aboriginal HIPPY program, covering the cost of materials and the Home Visitor for 30 weeks. On average, 10 families a year enroll in the Aboriginal HIPPY program at each site where the program is offered (currently over a dozen locations). With your help, we can reach thousands more families, helping organizations like Vancouver Native Health Society and others across Canada sustain this program. Please go to our link for more information. campaigns/cwsJc/ab/d4XuW9

You may also find us on Facebook at Vancouver Native Health Society or follow us on Twitter @VanNativeHealth. Please like, share and tweet widely to help us to spread this message to as many people as possible.
Help us to continue our work of introducing early learning and education into the homes of mothers with pre-school children and building strong educational foundations. Thank you.

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