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Vancouver Native Health Society (VNHS) was established in 1991 with a mission to improve and promote the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of individuals, focusing on the Aboriginal community residing in Greater Vancouver.

Today, Vancouver Native Health Society delivers comprehensive medical, counselling and social services generally to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Aboriginal community. The majority of our clients struggle with overlapping issues and con-current health issues such as substance abuse, mental health, chronic disease, homelessness and poverty.

Due to the growing demand for this service since our inception in 1991, Vancouver Native Health Society has expanded tremendously in all service delivery. The VNHS Medical Clinic provides direct medical care for about 500 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people living with HIV and 200 people living with diabetes. VNHS’s Positive Outlook Program also provides social and medical supports to nearly half of the HIV positive people living in the Downtown Eastside. In addition, VNHS has created a program of "Self-Management support” for these patients, a "Peer Support Program”, and are creating wheelchair accessible meeting spaces for these and other programs. Vancouver Native Health Society also operates a Dental program staffed by UBC dentist volunteers to provide care for community members, who otherwise could not afford it and would go without adequate dental hygiene further compromising their health.

Over the past 25 years, Vancouver Native Health Society has grown into a well-known, respected community based organization that delivers unique programs and services from the four quadrants of the medicine wheel: the physical, the emotional, the spiritual and the mental aspects of the individual. Many of the other programs and services are highlighted in our Programs & Services section.

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